In addition to the emergency opening of doors, cars and safes, our company is also engaged in the installation and repair of locks. Quite often, locks break and this happens as a result of careless operation, wear of parts or poor-quality assembly. Sometimes it is possible to repair a jammed lock, for example, by cleaning it or replacing universal parts, but if a part that the manufacturer does not supply to the market fails, then the lock itself will have to be changed.

As you know, there are a huge number of different locks, differing, for example, by the method of attachment:

  • mounted (used for garages, basements, hangars)
  • overhead (mounted on the door itself, usually wooden)
  • mortise locks (modern locks that cut into both metal and wooden doors)

By type of locking mechanism, the locks are divided into:

  • cylinder
  • suvaldnye
  • latch
  • magnetic
  • electronic
  • code, as well as their subspecies.

The Lock Master service installs all types of locks and manufacturers both at the entrance doors and at the interior doors, both at the wooden and metal and metal-plastic doors.

By contacting us, you will receive professional advice from an experienced master on what kind of lock is better to choose to your door and how you can enhance their protective functions. It may be enough to replace only the bot, not the whole castle.

You can go buy the castle yourself or entrust this business to our master, while the initially announced price for the installation will not change. The specialist will carefully and reliably install a new lock for you, which, if handled with care, will serve you for many years.

Often they turn to us when the lock is already completely out of order, and at the stage when it is just starting to jam, many turn a blind eye to it, preferring to think that “it will come down like that.” But, believe me, the castle does not know how to repair itself, and if it has already begun to stifle, then it will only get worse and eventually lead to a complete loss of functionality. Therefore, it is better to turn to a special service when it is still possible to do with just repair, and not a complete replacement of the locking device.

If you need to install or repair the lock, we are always happy to help you! We care about every customer and every lock. And best of all about our professionalism tell real reviews of satisfied customers. We will be very grateful if, after the work performed, you leave to the master your feedback on our Lock Master service in Nikolaev.