How to make keys for CRIT locks?

The key pad locks into the interior of the mid-price segment. The manufacturer mainly produces and sells products in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The pin locks are designed for installation in the office and residential entrance gates. Lock mechanisms have a wide range of functions.

Crit: positive and negative aspects

Advantages of foreign locks are assessed by the user: high resistance to hackers; reliability of the work; quick technical support; possibility of self-installment of many models; full set, all required screwdrivers. Crete: Some users have emphasized the difficulty finding products in some cities. It is often difficult to set up a lock after the production of other goods. Fine-body body of some models. Mechanism should be systematically lubricated with pre-allocating the device. , taking into account these features of locking devices.

Types and Properties

Crit produces different types of locks – hand, cylinder, electronics.
The directory provides mechanisms that cover various types of deadlines and tasks.